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St. Clair Foundation proudly supports music healing projects for the youth in Puerto Rico.


We impact and transform the health and education of the youth of Puerto Rico through music.

Organizational Values

  • Accountability and Transparency - Protocols and processes are in place and followed.
  • Social Responsibility and Connectivity to Communities– Committed to giving back to our communities and understanding their needs to make a difference in their lives through the arts and music education, education opportunities to gifted students and making a difference in targeted health issues that need attention.
  • Accessibility– Supporting youth bands, choirs, orchestras, young artists and academically-gifted youth from communities in need. Identifying targeted health-related needs where SCF can make a difference in disadvantaged communities.
  • Social Transformation – Promoting the advancement of communities and gifted individuals through the stimulation of the arts, music education and appreciation, sponsorships of private school programs, the availability of health-related programs, thus propelling the personal and collective spirit of self-improvement and moving the needle for more culturally sensitive communities that are educated and healthier.

Strategic Choices

  • Music as a Healing Catalyst- Elevate Puerto Rico’s footprint in music to solidify the benefits and the impact of music as a healer and a motivator for education and self-improvement. This can be done by amplifying alliances whose strength and language is music.
  • Promotion- Develop creative and innovative strategies to promote our brand, leveraging our focus on music as a healer, consistent with our Mission and Vision.
  • Strategic Alliances- Establish and expand collaboration agreements and strategic alliances to support and solidify our Mission, and thus increase our outreach and impact.
  • Sustainability- Guarantee financial sustainability through a development plan that increases fund-raising, the identification of donors and sponsorships and the creation of an Endowment Fund.

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