Noemi Perez-St. Clair

Noemi Pérez-St. Clair

After a bit more than a decade as a sales woman and entrepreneur in the technology and software industry she changed her career and became a Registered Representative at John Hancock Life Insurance Co. There she earned the First Time Conference Award for surpassing the sales quota by 200%, twice the Million Dollar Round Table Member distinction and achieved first position in sale on Class C at US level. Later in 2006, she was recruited by the prestigious firm Marsh Saldaña to expand its service portfolio to include life insurance. In fact, she developed a Life Insurance Department from the ground up. What was a challenge for a few years ago became a strong staple within the company. She created an administrative structure, rearrange customer database, and even establish a solid methodology for the proper assessment of their clients’ life, health and financial needs. The results were more than advantageous to Marsh Saldaña offering the executives and professionals a full array of products and services. Not surprisingly, she became Vice President in the company.

Today, Noemí is the President of Noemí Peréz Insurance Partner LLC. As a Financial Services Specialists the firm offers products and strategies to executives and professionals to address their business and personal needs for retirement planning, disability, long term care, key person insurance among other concerns.

Noemí’s previous achievements in other industries: First as Government Territory Account Manager at Oracle Caribbean, she managed to increase sales from $500,000 to 3 million dollars in less than 2 years.

In 1995 she founded Emergency Technologies, which implemented emergency, contingency and planning software; from Automatic Vehicle Location Systems to the development of tailor-made Emergency/Crisis management technologies, strategies and solutions. Four years later, Noemí Pérez founded another firm: N-Sat Corporation, a company primarily focused on Satellite Communication Services.